Full Nog

by Dad Legs

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This holiday season Dad Legs invites you to contemplate the things in life that really matter: your bros, your girl, sick ass asymmetrical boards, and your tight 1978 VW bus with the pop top for camping up at El Capitan when you need to get away from it all because your new stepdad Kris is harshing your mellow about "getting a real job" and "not huffing so much glue" and "being a disappointment to your mother." Whatever Kris. What do you know anyway? I digress. Be excellent to each other and seize every opportunity to go Full Nog™


released December 22, 2015

Written and performed by Dad Legs
Mixed by Chance Espinoza
Mastered by Jon Terrey
Album art by Sean Fadling



all rights reserved


Dad Legs Costa Mesa, California

Three best friends playing a specialty blend of surfy rock n roll and sunshine music.

Dad Legs is:
Cam - Bass/Vox
Chance -Drums/Vox
Sean - Guitar/Vox

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Track Name: Christmas Time Is Here
Christmas time is here
Happiness and cheer
Fun for all that children call
Their favorite time of year
Track Name: Give Up The Grump
I want to be at the beach
Not here at home with you and your family
Missed my homies, frothing down at T-Street
Yesterday, to buy that stupid tree

We're the ghosts of future/present/past
To change your mind this Christmas
Cut it out you Grinchy little bitch
Let us help you give up the grump and go full nog

No, I can't go down to Old Man's at San O
I know, it's bunk being stuck at home
Pack my VW bus up with my board and closest friends
And try to charge Mavericks

Hello friend,
I am the ghost of Christmas yet to come, and I heard you think you're too cool for Christmas. That's unfortunate. No one likes a grumpy grom. You better loosen those shoes and get your head screwed on right, or you might just become a Grinch!
Track Name: Santa Is My Stepdad
My mom's got herself a new boyfriend
He's got a white beard and a red corvette

Drinks my milk
And eats cookies all day
Never throws the carton away

He's macking on my mom
On the daily tells me he slays
But I've never seen him skate

Mom's boyfriend is moving in
Still a dirtbag with a double chin

Oh my god it's Santa
Oh my god he's Santa

You know, he's not bad as my step dad
Asym boards for me and all my friends
Thanks Kris, we'll rip the winter waves